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To every entrepreneurial spirit out there that is just not “employable”... It’s time to take the reigns and control your financial destiny and freedom.

Revealed... Wealth Building Secrets of Young & Successful Millionaire Entrepreneurs

The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs has tapped into Wealth Building Secrets used by successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs that are brilliantly effective.

The wildly successful entrepreneurs in this audio and ebook package have the required knowledge to put you at the top of your game.

Peek Into the Minds of 35 Successful Entrepreneurs... For the Ridiculously Low Price of Only $9.99... Complete with the mp3 download of the book. Plus four FREE entrepreneur mp3 albums AND a FREE Motivation Mixx IPhone app.

Don’t under estimate the hunger of thousands of entrepreneurial spirits that will be or have already been introduced to this life altering program... or you may be left out in the cold and stuck in a JOB that you were never destined for.


Million Dollar Business Development Strategies and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Secrets to Turn Your Idea Into a Successful Business... Make Money and Enjoy Freedom as an Entrepreneur... Regardless of Your Age or Level of Education

Today we are dealing in a world market and there has never been a greater opportunity than there is now to succeed in business on a global level... Read on to discover proven business strategies of wildly successful young entrepreneurs and famous business development experts.

* The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs ebook.

* Four Smoothe Mixx mp3
album downloads.
* And FREE Phone App


ONLY $9.99

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Just think back for one moment... How many potentially "life-altering" opportunities do you think you've missed out on because you were lacking in the self-belief, focus, energy, or the right motivation you needed to follow through?

As CEO of the world famous Smoothe Mixx Production Studios I have the wonderful opportunity to work with world leading personal development experts who understand how things are in the “real world". And a common concern I hear way too often is how frustrated and annoyed some people are at themselves because... They have a goal or a dream that's been idly sitting there for years ... but they never seem to get to it, or reach it, or even get started working their way towards it! And it's resulted in numerous "missed opportunities".

I'm referring to possible opportunities in: Your career ... or in pursuing a romantic relationship ... in pursuing your ideal body-image... holiday opportunities ... or even acting on exciting new “wealth-creating” opportunities, and the list goes on...

The bottom line is: We All Need Help With Motivation.
The problem is: getting help with "long-term motivation" is so hard to come by. Sure, you can attend a motivational seminar or read an inspirational book and be all jazzed up about it for a week, or maybe a few days after. But what happens to your motivation beyond that!? It kind of just disperses over time, doesn't it?

We have the perfect solution to that problem... The Smoothe Mixx Motivation Collection


Let the Best in the world help keep you Motivated!

Our roster includes the elite speakers of the world, and we are uniquely positioned to offer you the messages from the 'cream of the crop' motivational speakers. The key goals and objectives are to motivate you through their dynamic delivery of relevant topics mixxed with cool music to increase effort and energy leading to improved performance.

Listen to over 100 individual tracks featuring speakers like Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Vic Johnson, Chris Widner, Les Brown, Wayne Malcom and many more.

In this definitive MP3 download collection, producer Roy Smoothe brings together the most celebrated and timeless success principles in the 'Smoothe Mixx'... a concise, engaging and simple-to-absorb musical format. You’ll listen to and learn proven techniques for mastering the skills, attitudes and disciplines necessary to be extraordinary in today’s fast-paced and hectic world of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media diversions.

THE MOTIVATION MIXX COLLECTION features Five of our favourite Smoothe Mixx mp3 album downloads containing life changing content. It is designed to show you how to gain an advantage in your own life - to become a highly motivated individual. The content provides you with critical personal development skills and actions to help you internalize the material and make it a natural part of your life.

Lack of consistency is the subtle but great stealer of dreams and desires. The stop and start process is what kills progress and is probably one of the greatest reasons why many don’t achieve their goals and end up living in continuous discontent, frustration and disappointment. Many buy a new book, sign up for a new program, go like crazy for a few weeks, stop and end up right back where they started. Don't let this be you!


"There is a significant difference between motivational material that is interesting and motivational material, which brings about change in your attitudes, your thoughts, your behaviors, the things you do and don't do".

* Free Phone App

In this exclusive audio series from the dynamic SMOOTHE MIXX Team you'll discover... several hours worth of fresh insights and actionable ideas that you can use to take your life to the next level. What better way to gain vast knowledge and proven strategies than learning from a lineup of recognized authorities who have excelled in their fields!

ONLY $9.99

As soon as your order is processed you will receive the link to download the file in your email. (PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL AT PURCHASE) You will receive this email within a few hours of your purchase. The mp3 audios are in the download link. All you have to do is click the file and it will extract the mp3 audio files automatically......


Normal price - $77

You Save: $67.00

Sold today

This represents a special investment of personal time and dedication that will help separate you from the average performers around you.

Order While You Can and DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY...

They’re Going Quick

During this breakthrough audio & book program, the cast also revealed:

Keys to systematically grow your business

The most important aspect of gaining leverage from other successful people

Why finding and developing mentor relationships can be crucial to your entrepreneurial growth

The first principle of success and why you shouldn’t start a business without it

How to overcome the most common obstacle that you face as an entrepreneur and why you’ll never be successful without conquering it

Why you need to push past your comfort zone

How to develop win-win relationships

The truth about investing in education and how it impacts your success as an entrepreneur

Why half the journey is just getting started

The key to recognizing and fixing mistakes

The next step after you have a great idea

Why one mistake could end up making you millions

How to keep focus when you’re drowning in a sea of ideas

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